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Our Approach to Care

At Regions Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, our focus is to empower patients to actively get involved in their care and recovery process. This starts from planning and scheduling treatment plans to progressive work hardening as a marker for improvement. At regions, we have no place for a passive-patient care model. As team work is our strength, the most relevant member of the team is the patient.

Our primary goal is to facilitate maximum recovery, restore ability and promote independence.

Hard work

Provide input

Stick to treatment plan

Goal compliance

Adhere to treatment plan

Show empathy and respect

Benefits of a Specialty Hospital

Specialty centers like Regions Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center have the advantage of having many remarkable expertise available to their patients as against general rehabilitation centers. Added to this, specialist centers and their staffs usually have a wealth of experience from years of practice treating persons with a particular focus of conditions like stroke, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and other neurologic disorders. Furthermore, staffs at a specialist center, have skills in helping caregivers and family members get through a period that is sometimes emotionally challenging.

Summarily, you get better rehabilitation outcomes at specialty centers.

Specialized care usually means:

  • Higher functional independence
  • Prevent complications
  • Proper family and caregiver education
  • Better productivity
  • Reduced long term financial implications
  • Equip with skills and provide support for a brighter future

Lastly, specialty centers bring together a team of physicians, therapists and carers, hence there is an unrivaled expertise in patient management.

Outstanding Patient Outcomes

Regions Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center has a remarkable functional patient outcome rate that is above all national average. Compared to their dependent state on admission, averagely, patients discharged from Regions Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center have a better functional recovery, have a higher discharge home rate, have a better chance for return to work or productive life, are functionally less dependent, have a low chance of re-hospitalization, have a higher community participation and integration and have a better quality of life than their peers treated in other rehabilitation centers nationwide. Regions Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center discharged Patients

  • Are usually functionally dependent on admission
  • Have better functional recovery on admission
  • Have a higher discharge home rate
  • Have a better productive life
  • Are functionally less dependent
  • Have a healthier life with low re-hospitalization
  • Have a better quality of life
  • Have a chance for productivity than their peers treated in other places nationwide.

In our experience, sharing your story about your personal experience, as a patient at Regions Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center center or as a caregiver, helps your review your journey and see how far you have come and it also helps encourage others to talk about their journey. Additionally, it gives hope to patient and caregivers of persons who just suffered a stroke other neurologic injuries. Whatever stories you share will be used, with your consent, on our website, social media channels and for marketing and promotional purposes. We implore you to please share only the information you do not mind being made available to the public.

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